There are scholarship websites and ideas listed at the bottom of the Financial Aid page.
This page will be devoted to scholarship opportunities that are mailed directly to Petrides.  This page will be active and on-going as deadlines pass and new scholarships are created. If you need a copy of your transcript in order to apply and I am not in my office, see Mrs. Troost. Please check back frequently! 
  • The Staten Island Federation of Parent-Teacher Associations will award a $2,000 scholarship to one student from Petrides!  The topic is: "Write about a time in your life when you had the courage to follow your own heart and intuition."  Your essay must be no more than 500 words and typed in a 14 point plain font with double spacing. Submit your essay to Mr. Lorenzo or Mrs. Dennison by March 3.
  • The Staten Island Federation of Parent-Teacher Associations will award a $2,000 scholarship to one student for art work that will be used as a journal cover design for the federation's award luncheon.  The topic/theme is the same as the one above.  Your inspiration is the following quote by Steve Jobs: "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.  Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking.   Don't let the noise of other people's opinions drown out your inner voice."  Through artwork illustrate what the quote means to you.  Entries must be black ink on white paper, no larger than 8 and a half by 11 inches.  See Mrs. Dennison or Mrs. Granatelli for further instructions.  Submit your entry to Mrs. Dennison by March 10.
  • Jack and Jill of America - This organization is looking for African American seniors who have financial need, a GPA of 3.0 or better, exemplify leadership and community service.  The scholarship is for $5,000.  The deadline is March 17.  Go to: or see Mrs. Dennison.
  • The Myself Third: Spirit of NY Scholarship will award $10,000 to one student who will attend a CUNY college.  You must have taken at least one College Now course at CSI and received a grade of C or better.  An essay is required where you discuss your feelings about the privilege of living and working in this country and how you have helped your community with a specific project or experience.  You need 2 letters of recommendation and can find them on the College Now website.  This is due on March 29.  See Mr. Tabbitas for more information.
  • Education Women to be Leaders in Fincance - The Women's Bond Club  Girls must have a GPA of 85 or better, and an SAT of 1000, and be interested in pursuing a career in finance or business.  The award is for $20,000 and the deadline is March 31.  Go to or see Mrs. Dennison.
  • CHS Scholars Program is for $2,000 and is due March 31 (30 awards will be given).  You must entering an agriculture related degree program or STEM (science, technology, engineering, math).  Go to:
  • The Louie Family Foundation Scholarships will award 25 scholarships of $4,000 each to a student with a GPA of at least 3.5.  The deadline is March 31.  Go to:
  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. will award $750 to an African, Latino, or Caribbean girl with a GPA of 80 or better and community service.  See me and visit their website at:  All applications must be submitted online or postmarked by April 5.
  • The James Lane Humanitarian Award will be awarded to one Petrides senior who exemplifies the humanitarian spirit.  James attended Petrides from Kindergarten through second grade and passed away from cancer in 2002.  His family will award $500 to one of our seniors.  See Mrs. Dennison or Mrs. Wilson for the application.  It is due to Mrs. Wilson by April 7.
  • The Dr. Mary Meade Scholarship is for $2,000 and will be awarded to a female student who plans to become a teacher.  See Mrs. Dennison for the application or email Mrs. Olivieri at:  The deadline is April 7.
  • NYRR Run for the Future will award a female student $2,000 if she completes their running program during the summer of 2017.  Apply by April 7 at:
  • The Stephanie Marie Burgos Scholarship will award $2,000 to a student who will study fine or communication arts, has financial need, and has experienced adversity in his/her life. You must have a GPA of at least 80%.  You need 2 letters of recommendation.  The deadline is April 10.  Go to:
  • Staten Island Achieve Dollars for Scholars has 4 scholarships in the amounts of $1,000 all the way up to $20,000.  Check out the Judy Ryan Scholar Athlete Award, the Joseph Premus Science Award, the Island Wide Achieve Awards, and the Tommy Maverick Award.  The deadline is April 15.  Go to:
  • The Gloria Barron Prize will give 25 awards of $5,000 each to a student who is working on an inspiring service project or has done so in the last 12 months. Apply by April 15 at:
  • The Mid-Island Rotary Club will award $5,000 to a student who has a GPA of at least 3.0 and has made a significant contribution to our school and community.  See Mrs. Dennison by April 12 for the application.  We are permitted to nominate 2 students.
  • The Rotary Club of North America will award $8,000 for Community Service.  The application must be submitted by April 25 to:  North Shore Rotary Club, c/o Gale Strassberg, 60 Highview Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10301.  See me and check out their website: (scholarship)
  • The SP Scholarship of $10,000 (10 awards) will be offered to a U.S. citizen.  Go to:  Apply by April 30.
  • The VIP $5,000 Scholarship will give one award of $5,000 to a selected student who applies by April 30 at:
  • Denny's Hungry for Education is offering $1,000.  You must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher and write a 300 word essay on how Denny's can impact childhood hunger in the United States.  Go to:  www/  This is due by April 31.
  • Paradiam Challenge Scholarship is for $100,000 (10 awards).  The deadline is May 1.  Students may not be residents of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, the Crimea, or any other U.S. sanctioned country.  Go to:\
  • The Michael J. Petrides School Parent Teacher Association is offering a $2000 scholarship. The application along with the essay is due to Mrs. Dennison by Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 at 10:00AM. Please review the following link for the application and more details about what is necessary in order to be considered for the scholarship:  Petrides PTA Essay 2017
  • Chopin Foundation Scholarship Program is for $4,000 (10 awards) and the deadline is May 15.  You must be a pianist.  Go to:
  • The Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program is a firm of business consultants.  They are offering a scholarship of $1,000 for an essay on one of their topics. The deadline is June 12.  Visit their website for the topics:
  • The Review It Scholarship is for $1,000 and is due by June 30.  Go to: Your GPA must be at least 2.5.
  • A scholarship of $2,500 will be awarded to a student who was born and raised in New York City, and will be attending a college in New York City.  You must have a GPA of at least 80%.  The application can be found at: and is due by August 1.